QUALITY QUAILS is based in Hull/Cottingham, East Yorkshire.

A family business producing high quality products & providing a 1st class service to all its customers.

We are able to supply a reliable, professional service to catering &  food service businesses.

We also provide an informative & friendly service to the 1st time Quail keeper looking for a productive pet along with the more experienced hobbyists and breeders of speciality quail breeds, from October 2011.

Quails make great productive pets for children & adults alike.

Quality Quails isn't just limited to the East Yorkshire area.  Please get in touch with Gill with your personal requirements.

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Where to find Freshly Laid Quality Quail Eggs  This Jubilee Week.

Drewton's Farm Shop - South Cave

Malton Relish - Malton

Sunderlandwick Farm Shop - Kellythorpe - Driffield

Manor Farm Shop Cranswick

Dolly's Country Larder - Cottingham


The speckles on Coturnix Quail eggs are like a finger print and are individual to the quail hen who laid the egg.

Quality Quails is able to supply the following products and services

Quail eating eggs

Pickled Quail eggs

Quail Hatching eggs

Quail egg products

Live birds - Productive Pet

Live Birds - Aviary Breeds

Quail meat ( On request)

Starter Quail keeping Kits

Associated quail products

Advice for new or existing  owners of quails