We are DEFRA registered & a GB Poultry Registered Keeper..

All our Quail are kept to the highest natural standards possible.

Our quail breeds include the following

  • Japenese Coturnix
  • Italian Jumbo Quail 
  • Chinese Painted quail - Harlequins
  • White and Pied quail
  • Tuxdeo quail

All our quails are

  • fed a natural GM Free diet with added fresh greens (grown by us) and added mealworms.
  • housed in airy spacous housing with plenty of room to walk, run and flap.
  • allowed to scratch naturally for food foraging.
  • are bedded on Easibed - EasiChick bedding - which is organically manufactured & provides a higher bio-security for all produce.
  •  Regulaly wormed.
  • able to access fresh drinking water at all times with added vitamins & minerals.

To follow in 2012

  • Californian Quail
  • Blue scaled Quail
  • Mountain Quail
  • Mexican Speckled Quail
  • Gambel Quail
  • plus others breeds to be anounced.